Board of Directors

Stuart S. Blume (Chair) is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology of the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). Born in the UK, he has lived in Amsterdam since 1982.

Frits van Schagen (Vice Chair/Treasurer) trained as a lawyer. He currently occupies a senior position in local government and lives in Brummen (Netherlands).

Geert van Etten
is a sociologist with experience of health services research in both Africa and Europe. He was for a number of years Director of International Relations at the Dutch Ministry of Health. He lives in Oestgeest (Netherlands).

Mechtild de Jong
was trained as an ecologist, worked as an environmental planner, and has been a member of the Dutch parliament. She lives in Delft (Netherlands).

David Robbins is a lawyer with experience in private practice and in government service. He also has a PhD in neurophysiology. He lives in Cambridge (England).

Hans Schachtschabel trained in medicine and worked as a general practitioner before specialising in psychiatry. He specializes in child and youth psychiatry and lives in Amsterdam.

Gurmukh Singh
has been an information technologist and company director. He was also involved in local politics and has a special interest in race relations. He now lives in Mensignac (France)

Johan Wesemann
was for a number of years Director-General of the European Union of the Deaf, based in Brussels. He was also Chair of the European Disability Forum. He lives in the Netherlands.