Monthly Archives: September 2013

September 2013 / Issue 21

  • From the Editors
  • News From Innovia (Stuart Blume)
  • ‘The Patient’ – Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Nuria Rossell)
  • (When) To Be Engaged is Inescapable (Agata Mazzeo)
  • A Sceptical Note (Isabelle Baszanger)
  • “Disability” Puts “Normality” Between Quotation Marks. Novel Developments in Disability Studies at 17, Institute of Critical Studies, Mexico (Benjamin Mayer-Foulkes and Beatriz Miranda-Galarza)
  • La “Discapacidad” Coloca Entre Comillas A La “Normalidad”. Nuevos Desarrollos En Los Estudios De La Discapacidad En 17, Instituto De Estudios Criticos, Mexico (Benjamin Mayer-Foulkes and Beatriz Miranda-Galarza)
  • Announcements

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