Monthly Archives: March 2013

March 2013 / Issue 20

  • From the Editors
  • Looking Back: Highlights From The Innovia Newsletter Archive (Marianne Bille & Zoe Goldstein)
  • Rethinking Innovia (Stuart Blume)
  • Organizing Great Ambitions Succesfully (Godelieve van Heteren)
  • A Sceptical Note (Isabelle Baszanger)
  • The Importance of Civil Society Organisations in Health Care Advocacy and Research. The Perspective of Cohred (Erika Silva & Sylvia de Haan)
  • The Role of Patient Organizations in HIV/Aids Interventions in Ecuador (Monica Bustamante S)
  • Engaging with Research (Sian Aggett & Stuart Blume)
  • Announcements

Download ‘Innovia Issue 20′ in PDF here